Тестовый период
Мы только запустили Palms. Сейчас сервис находится в тестовой версии, поэтому для брони доступен только 1 клуб в Киеве. Через пару месяцев мы добавим новые клубы в Киеве, а затем и в других городах. Подпишитесь, чтобы получить ссылку на приложение как только мы выйдем из тестового периода.
Мы никогда не рассылаем спам

Palms CRM

The app and CRM system simplify the work of tennis clubs and the lives of tennis players.
Palms CRM

CRM system for managing bookings, reservations and payments

We have created our own platform for managing bookings and club services. This tool is flexible and allows you to configure the work of administrators and the club to make it as convenient as possible.


And what's in the calendar?

  • The calendar for bookings displays real time updates. It shows bookings made through the app.
  • All online bookings are marked in green, the ones made by administrators - in blue.
  • The calendar reflects the information about paid bookings, client's name and a coach.
  • It allows working with offline records and bookings.
  • Convenient editing or deleting of a booking, with sending notifications to clients

And what's in the tab users ?

  • You can store the entire client database.
  • Create and edit client information: phone, name, notes and photos. Import client lists from CSV-files.
  • View the history of bookings, transactions and clients' memberships and passes.
  • Create or cancel a booking.

What is the functionality of the tab for coaches ?

  • You can create and edit information about a coach: phone, name, photo, notes and private lesson cost.
  • View booking history.
  • Edit tariff rules and coach's schedule

Let's move to areas tab

In this tab, you can create types of playgrounds and services available for booking. You can also:
  • rename and edit the playground created earlier;
  • select the type and parameters of the playground;
  • еnable or disable option of playground booking through the app.

Now the bookings tab

  • Displays the entire booking history, cancellations, and payments in chronological order.
  • It allows exporting data to a csv-file.
  • You can create, cancel and edit bookings.
  • Filter by date, payment types, clients and coaches.
And settings
In the CRM system settings you can:

  • make certain days available for booking; configure the rules for club's operations;
  • change the tariff rules and schedule;
  • give the administrators access to the CRM system;
  • describe commonly used input data.

All features are available from both a desktop and a mobile device.

  • you can control the burden at any time of the day;
  • you can add or cancel bookings from anywhere in the world;
  • the entire system is always at hand.
Автоматизация работы теннисного клуба и корта, CRM для тенниса
Online booking
Now you can safely accept online bookings as the entire calendar is synchronized and updated online. Anyone can book a court from an iOS or Android mobile app. Available time on the courts is displayed in real time.
Автоматизация работы теннисного клуба и корта, CRM для тенниса
You will receive a booking even if it is made at night. Bookings made through the app will automatically appear on the calendar, payment will also occur online. Less burden on your administrators, fewer calls, more bookings.
Автоматизация работы теннисного клуба и корта, CRM для тенниса
Simplifies admin work
All records are stored in the cloud. Bookings are structured by time and type of court. During a phone call, it will be easier for the administrator to inform clients about free slots by the necessary criteria.
Автоматизация работы теннисного клуба и корта, CRM для тенниса
Find new clients
Tennis players can find your club, get acquainted with its features, and immediately reserve a court. Palms — search engine for tennis.
Автоматизация работы теннисного клуба и корта, CRM для тенниса
If you have maintenance works or it's rainy outside, you can cancel the reservation online. The client will receive a notification automatically.
Автоматизация работы теннисного клуба и корта, CRM для тенниса
Clear and positive experience
The client can see a schedule of courts with a necessary surface on his own. You do not need to worry about missed calls or rude staff.
8/10 tennis players would prefer to book courts online
* Based on 7 in-depth interviews and 100 completed questionnaires with 55 questions.
Подключайтесь к Palms
Мы никогда не рассылаем спам
Future plans
Step by step we will turn the Palms into an operating system for tennis.
Search for sparring partners
Opportunity to find a sparring partner in terms of skills, favorite court or hobbies.
Organization of tournaments
Organize, search and invite participants from all over the region.
Search for tennis tournaments
Anateurs will be able to improve their skills when the list of all tournaments in the region is in their pocket.
City Leaderboards
All tennis players if the region will receive points for games and compete with each other, even being members of different leagues, clubs or associations.
Set up in 3 days
Day 1
Consulting and installation
Day 2
Instruction and data transfer
Day 3
Ready to work

Conditions and prices

Set up cost
Maintenance cost
Comission for telephone bookings
Comission for booking through the app
Palms CRM
20 EUR/month
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